His Words

His Words

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Elizabeth McElheny By ElizabethMcElheny Updated Jul 09, 2018

Ninnea's life was never perfect, far from it being honest. She lost her father at the age of 14 and is now 18. It's been four hard years for her. Ninnea's mother became distant and cold and said it was all her fault he died. Sometimes she feels like dying, but is only surviving because of her fathers words.  Yes, Ninnea is popular and has friends but, how does she know they're real friends? How does she know they are going to always be there for her? Or, if they'll be their at all? 

Braxton, he doesn't have any family problems or issues that affect him severely like Ninneas do. Who is Braxton, you may ask? Well he's Ninneas archnemesis. When he hears her at her fathers grave crying - that he walks by everyday from school and back. He finds out about why she's upset easily, will he make her? Or will he break her?

What happens when they but heads in the hall? What happens whenever he sees her crying at her fathers grave? Will he make her? Or will he break her?  Will they fall in love? Or will they not?

Read more to find out!

Welcome to the story of Ninnea Ashton and Braxton's Mahollik's story everyone! Let the drama begin!!

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