you put the O in disOrder ➢ (l.s)

you put the O in disOrder ➢ (l.s)

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Orgasms.  You see that word and you think it's hot...right?  Wrong.  What if you had them multiple times a day?  In front of your class.  Your teachers.  Your friends.  ... Your mom.  Harry Styles is a seventeen year old boy from England, he was recently diagnosed with RGS (Restless Genital Syndrome) And guess who's doing a project on the disorder for his medical sciences class? Eighteen year old, Louis Tomlinson.  Imagine if you moaned during your algebra test.  How does the word orgasm sound to you now?  ╰☆╮ ╰☆╮ ╰☆╮ ╰☆╮ ╰☆╮

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larryandhim larryandhim 4 days ago
imma hunt you down Derik and give your ass a good whipping but not the kinky kind.
ehd543 ehd543 Apr 10
UR COUSIN? NO! UR HUSBAND!! tell me someone gets this Beyoncé reference
I saw a documentary about this once, only it was with a weird old man instead of a hot young harry
A curly haired lad with the most beautiful smile you’d ever see He’s tol and speaks slow but is an angel and cupcake and hurt his baby ( you ofc) and he’ll kill that mother fuckerrr