My Eternity With You (Carlisle Cullen) (A Twilight Fanfiction)

My Eternity With You (Carlisle Cullen) (A Twilight Fanfiction)

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Aryssa Rose By wonderfairyx Updated Oct 19

"The one I'm meant to spend my eternity with. "

Aryssa Rose is a beautiful, smart and well-to-do 24 years old young lady.  She is chasing her dream of being a teacher. Her uncle is Charlie Swan which makes Bella Swan her cousin. 

Upon moving to forks,  she accepted a job as a teacher at Bella's school. And that is where she will meet the adopted children of Carlisle Cullen.  She will soon encounter her mate,  the one and only well preserved yet handsome young doctor,  Carlisle Cullen. 

And by moving,  she will uncover something about the Cullens and herself,  who she truly is.  

But despite that,  when Carlisle and Aryssa meets,  they will fall hard for each other.  
Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, the series or the characters. I only own the characters that does not appear in any of the twilight series (book or movie wise).  

I will once again say this,  stealing other people's story is not right and I do not wish for my story to be stolen.  So I ask for my readers to please notify me if you see anyone using my story as theirs. "You reap what you sow.  Do unto others how you would have them do unto you." And please do so for any other writers.  Thank you and hope you enjoy the story :)

Rightful owner: Stephanie Meyers

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LunerReaper LunerReaper Mar 05
I’m sorry I just want to bust up laughing because you would never expect Bella to just say oh yes Barbie and pizza
Also, didn't Bella transfer in the middle of the school year?
Edward can read Alice's thoughts, but she can't read his, hence this fails
I'm in junior in high school and I'm debating to take early childhood education and psychology. I was wondering is it hard to take ?
Hello yes can somebody explain how a new teacher can afford this house thanks
one less blinding highlight is necessary matte red lip would look amazing with it