My Eternity With You (Carlisle Cullen) (A Twilight Fanfiction)

My Eternity With You (Carlisle Cullen) (A Twilight Fanfiction)

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Aryssa Rose By wonderfairyx Updated Aug 18

Aryssa Rose is a 24-year-old teacher. She majors in the subject English Language, Home Economics and Dance. Not only she is smart,  she is beautiful and elegant.  People always tell her that she could be a model but Aryssa has always been passionate to become a teacher or a doctor since young. Not only that,  she also has a kind heart,  a kind heart that is so so rare. She gives this motherly vibe that makes people feel comfortable to be around her.  Very few dislike her because, to be honest,  there isn't anything bad about her.  

Her cousin and uncle are Bella Swan and Charlie Swan respectively. She lost her parents to a plane crash 5 years ago. 

Her mum and dad, you would say, were quite rich. Her father was one of the top lawyers and her mother was a Professor at a hospital.  Despite that, they lived simply. She moved to Forks 5 years after her parent's  death because its time to move on.  

The school that she will be working at as a new teacher appears
to be Bella's high school. The place that will bring her fate and Carlisle Cullen's closer.  Especially when Carlisle's adopted son Edward will be falling in love with Bella. 

Both Aryssa & Carlisle are meant to be mates but how will this story unfold?

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, the series or the characters. 
Rightful owner: Stephenie Meyers

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LunerReaper LunerReaper Mar 05
I’m sorry I just want to bust up laughing because you would never expect Bella to just say oh yes Barbie and pizza
Also, didn't Bella transfer in the middle of the school year?
Edward can read Alice's thoughts, but she can't read his, hence this fails
I'm in junior in high school and I'm debating to take early childhood education and psychology. I was wondering is it hard to take ?
Hello yes can somebody explain how a new teacher can afford this house thanks
one less blinding highlight is necessary matte red lip would look amazing with it