Never Knowing (Daryl Dixon)

Never Knowing (Daryl Dixon)

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bailey r tourney By baileytourney Updated Aug 28, 2016

Hey, my names Bailey Greene and I'm 23. No I'm not Hershel's real daughter but he considers me one. Me and Maggie have been best friends since kinder garden.

  My parents were abusive. Hershel found out and got full custody of me when I was 14. I pay him with everything I can do to help.

  Like since we are in the middle of an apocalypse, I give he and his daughters protection. Otis and me are close since me and him are always together working. Hershel and his family think the walkers are still people. But I know they are not. Otis believes me, not Hershel. Patricia, Otis' wife doesn't know what they are so she never says.

  One day a man named Rick brings his small shot child, Carl, to the farm saying Otis had shot him. I knew Otis, he didn't do it on purpose. He was out hunting, looking for food he could bring home. Me and him always took turns going out to get game.

  I learned how to use weapons and fight when I was 15. I've been training for 8 years, even in the apocalypse. So far it has become handy. Hershel doesn't like it though.

  What happens when Hershel allows Rick and his group stay? Will there be romance or hatred? What happens when Bailey Greene meets a badass redneck who goes by the name of Daryl Dixon? Love, Broken hearts, Desire? Bailey and Daryl are alike in many ways. How will they survive and beat the apocalypse together?


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Rose_Queen02 Rose_Queen02 Nov 08, 2016
I wonder how Norman would react if he read all these fanfictions...loving the story btw.
baiz-12 baiz-12 Nov 27, 2016
Me TOO!! We even have the same name except mine is spelled Baileigh. 😅
Dixons_Bitch Dixons_Bitch Sep 03, 2016
We are now best Frans mk Daryl can be our bae we can share him
Pinnapple69 Pinnapple69 Jul 23, 2016
I obsess over the thought of obsessing over obsession, it's perfectly normal
baileytourney baileytourney Feb 25, 2015
@Paytee617 My friend sent it to me. I think she found it on Pinterest?
payteefreeman payteefreeman Feb 25, 2015
Where did you find that picture in the middle on your cover?! I can't find it and it's an awesome picture!!! :/