Cindy Potter: Book One (Harry Potter  Fanfiction)

Cindy Potter: Book One (Harry Potter Fanfiction)

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Cindy Evans (Lily) By xuelian Completed

Cindy grew up living with her godfather, Severus Snape. She originally lived with her aunt, uncle and cousin, but at the age of four, her god father requested that she live with him. She was aware of the fact that she had a twin and the wizarding world. Her godfather acted as a spy for the Original Order and at times she had to tag along. She had never actually seen him because of how weak he was, but his most loyal followers repeatedly attempted to help him rise to power once again. Little did she know that he was the cause of her parents' death, or that she was just a pawn in their game to take down the twins who lived. On the night prior their eleventh birthday, she spends the night at her aunts house. As Harry is introduced to the wizarding world will the true reason of her parents' deaths also be revealed? She confronts her godfather and soon realizes she and her brother's existence has a reason- to defeat the dark lord.                       **disclaimer** all characters except for Cindy and any part of the plot that is in the harry potter series belong to JK Rowling.