Do I Love You? | Finchel

Do I Love You? | Finchel

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Rachel is new to Lima, Ohio from New York along with her brother Puck (Noah) and mother Shelby. She left New York with her family because of some horrifying memories with a boy named Brody. She has no clue who her father is since he left her and twin older brother Noah before they were even born. She is very talented like her mother and can sing very well. When she grows up, she wants to be just like her mother and become a star on the Broadway Stage. 

Finn Hudson lives in Lima, Ohio along with his mother Carole, step-brother Kurt, and step-dad Burt. He lost his father at a very young age and doesn't really remember that much about him. He is also the quarterback of his high school football team and is the male lead of his school's Glee Club. All the girls love him, but, he is as single as a pringle. He is waiting for that one perfect girl for him. 

(PG-13 because of some language and other stuff.) FINCHEL.

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reba_nell reba_nell Feb 27
I feel like I would say this!😂❤️ My friends say I’m a bubble head so yah😂
ThunderGirl28 ThunderGirl28 Dec 23, 2017
For the people who Spanish is their first lenguage didn't you imagine her speaking like a person who's first language is English?
ratchetpentaholic ratchetpentaholic Jun 17, 2016
I prefer when puck and Rachel are siblings in fanfic it makes me happy
XxDream20xX XxDream20xX Aug 14, 2016
I love Brittany so much!! 😂😂 My favorite episode was Rumours since she had a gossip show in that episode. 😂
nat_c0811 nat_c0811 Jun 01, 2015
At least they can spell the names right because most are like "Quinn fabrey" or "Rachel Barry" it's annoying so 
katie_bug_123345 katie_bug_123345 Mar 23, 2015
Can you read what I have of my Glee series! It would mean a lot to me if you read them!