Call Me... If You Dare (Completed)

Call Me... If You Dare (Completed)

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Yui Ismutomo By Justme_Ai Completed

Everyone in my town knows the story about Lucifer. If you call him four times while surrounded by a glass of blood, three candles and kneel on his symbol it is said that he will come and do anything bad to someone you hate. 

Well, that's the urban legend they told me when I was 5 even though I didn't want to find out the truth.  

Until one stupid night when I agree to do the dumbest thing in a truth or dare game. 

A glass of blood, three candles and the symbol of him around me before I call him. 

And that was when my life changed..

  • fantasy
  • vampire
  • werewolves
puppyfaces1416 puppyfaces1416 Mar 09, 2017
I'm mad I had to do the mile today but I have to redo it because I was so supposed to get twelve minutes and under but I got 13:14 😖
DuchessOliviaML DuchessOliviaML Sep 07, 2017
That awkward moment when puberty hits
                              Then your lady area starts bleeding
LordeToast LordeToast Jul 17, 2017
The f*ck, my last name is Bradley. First time I saw a Mr./Mrs. Bradley though.
Black_Switch Black_Switch Dec 25, 2017
So what if I date a lot of guys will he appear and like tell them I'm not to be laid upon? this boi I'm just XD
That was the most thrilling and heart-racing first chapter I’ve ever read.
HiddenAngel_ HiddenAngel_ Feb 03, 2017
Lmao in my last P.E class our warm up was a 'pulse raiser' - in other words us dancing like weido's while me teacher bursted Barbie girl on the speakers