Bloody Hearts (Sasuke Love Story) [Editing]

Bloody Hearts (Sasuke Love Story) [Editing]

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This is about a girl named Ayano she doesn't like to trust people. She always has a hoodie and mask on to cover her face, because she's self conscious about her appearance. The hoodie is really a cloak  that covers her whole body. Underneath the cloak are her normal clothes of course, she's afraid to make friends cause they just hate her and betray her.

 She has a  Kekkei Genkai that she can't remember about. Ayano has only one friend that she knows of, a pet wolf named Midnight she's a per-white wolf she's been with her since she can last remember. And who will she love Sasuke uchiha. Probably.

This Story is very old xD it still needs editing.... kind of made my chapters longggg. It'll take me time to edit forgive me readers for my young misspelled words xD

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Shayrosa Shayrosa Sep 12, 2017
The one time I felt bad for Sasuke is when we met his fanclub
ilovesasukeXD ilovesasukeXD Aug 13, 2017
I'm ashamed of there life's I may read 70% of my time but at least I don't fangirl over a boy😒
SadisticOtaku1224 SadisticOtaku1224 Jul 27, 2017
im from the 'all-naruto-character-apart-from-sakura' fanclub
SadisticOtaku1224 SadisticOtaku1224 Jul 27, 2017
i thought she tranformed into iruka sensei with a dolphin's head
AnimeQing AnimeQing Oct 23, 2017
I wouldve said
                              Just to make her uncomfortable
                              That I don't like guys.
                              Its not true, but it would be funny to see her reaction
Nothing0But0Blank Nothing0But0Blank Jul 22, 2017
Clears throat "We are the prince Yuki fan club and we got first dibs sister." sounds familiar does it not.