forever his ( ciel x reader )

forever his ( ciel x reader )

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Abby&Caleb By abigailgarcia541 Completed

( I do not own black Butler but I do love ciel ) Lizzy dies in a accident one day and 3 years later you show up you have been in love once but he died a year ago will you and ciel find love with each other or push away and remain broken hearted and lost ? 

 this book is my first so it is rough.

this book has action, love, and a lot of crying.

Headover_heels_ Headover_heels_ Mar 12, 2017
LOVE ALREADY😶wow I'm not really shocked😕😕😕this is a quick book
rainbowland75 rainbowland75 Aug 08, 2017
It'll be fine it's about quality not how good u write so whatever right (^ω^)
_-SebastianMichaelis _-SebastianMichaelis Aug 02, 2017
Sebby! Get that smirk off yo face, ya perv! It ain't the first time your seen me nak~ eh! Ummm...... Its nothing! Forever Ciel's, heh!
*after he calls me pretty* Pretty my ass.... More like petty-
K1B-Hoe K1B-Hoe Dec 07, 2016
Sure u loved the girl that destroyed your ring and trashed your manor with the God of kawaiiness and the one you get annoyed by
jvuifo jvuifo Jul 11
* pls accept this stolen poem *
                              Roses are red
                              Cactus is prickly
                              Might I say
                              That escalated quickly