forever his ( ciel x reader )

forever his ( ciel x reader )

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Abby&Caleb By abigailgarcia541 Completed

( I do not own black Butler but I do love ciel ) Lizzy dies in a accident one day and 3 years later you show up you have been in love once but he died a year ago will you and ciel find love with each other or push away and remain broken hearted and lost ? 

 this book is my first so it is rough.

this book has action, love, and a lot of crying.

Headover_heels_ Headover_heels_ Mar 12, 2017
LOVE ALREADY😶wow I'm not really shocked😕😕😕this is a quick book
rainbowland75 rainbowland75 Aug 08, 2017
It'll be fine it's about quality not how good u write so whatever right (^ω^)
_-SebastianMichaelis _-SebastianMichaelis Aug 02, 2017
Sebby! Get that smirk off yo face, ya perv! It ain't the first time your seen me nak~ eh! Ummm...... Its nothing! Forever Ciel's, heh!
*after he calls me pretty* Pretty my ass.... More like petty-
K1B-Hoe K1B-Hoe Dec 07, 2016
Sure u loved the girl that destroyed your ring and trashed your manor with the God of kawaiiness and the one you get annoyed by
Roses are red,
                              Their thorns are prickly,
                              We all know,
                              That escalated quickly.