Just Off The Key Of Reason (Pete Wentz/Mikey Way)

Just Off The Key Of Reason (Pete Wentz/Mikey Way)

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I'm Mikey Way, the grand twenty year old virgin and general klutz when it came to anything vaguely romantic, with a twenty five year old hermit of a brother who only leaves the basement to visit his not quite boyfriend, Frank. I'm also an anti-social mess who's most definitely going to get kicked out of his English course at college by the professor who's more than a little convinced I'm a pyromaniac, unless by some miracle the guy I met at the comic store who wants to suck me off is actually a reincarnation of William Wordsworth.

I think Pete may be one of the weirdest people I've ever met, I mean, there are not many people who find amusement in so casually involving blowjobs in their first conversation with you. Pete was a man whore, I thought man whore was a pretty weird term, but I guess Pete was a pretty weird person, so it just sort of fit, like pieces in a puzzle, or a dick in his mouth, apparently. 

Maybe things would end up with Pete being my friend, or maybe even something more than that, wouldn't that just be... odd? Puzzle pieces, huh?

But things are never quite that straight forward, things just love to stray just off the key of reason.

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I had a whole week where I left my house without eyeliner (because I was too lazy) and I put some on this morning and jfc it was like I had been reborn into my true self
gottta_mcr gottta_mcr Nov 07, 2017
Funny you mention William Wordsworth as I'm currently learning about romanticism
Besides the 10 year age difference and the fact that our house doesn't have a basement, it's me
me @ the basket case eyeliner by billie joe armstrong and kat von d
                              yes I love references no one understands.
I wrote a short gay/transgender story as an English project a few days after my teacher tried to kick me out of her class because I was a 'disgusting sodomite and would contaminate her good Christian classroom'. She got fired shortly after lmao