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A Fanatic's Guide to Fan Fiction

A Fanatic's Guide to Fan Fiction

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[REDACTED] By LadyAstor Updated Jul 21, 2012

Want to write fan fiction that won't fail? Here are some writing tips for the fan fiction writer!

LadyAstor LadyAstor May 25, 2012
@TrumpetFrenzy I think she's more of a woobie. ESPECIALLY after Mockingjay. Yeesh. Anyway, I'm glad you liked the guide! I think I'll do a special seccion on Mary Sues in the future.
LadyAstor LadyAstor Jan 28, 2012
@brokenpetalsoflove I'm glad you like the guide :) Writing good characters is hard, especially if the characters aren't yours. I love making crack pairings just because it would be funny/deadly for the characters.
defend defend Jan 07, 2012
Fantastic guide, and amusing too! I love how you put Twilight in the tags. Anyway, thank you for this guide!
LadyAstor LadyAstor Dec 28, 2011
@annamorphos A beta suggestion tip will be added. I don't know how I missed that one. I'll check what I said for canon relationships. I think you are correct on that. Thanks for the comment!
preserum preserum Apr 24, 2011
This is super, duper helpful! I agree; it's extremely annoying when I'm reading a normal story, and the heroine is perfect and beautiful (it just bugs the living hell out of me...) and gets everything they want. And anyways, I love Zoey Redbird ;3 Haha. Thanks a bunch. (:!
Phantasy Phantasy Apr 17, 2011
Haha. You're totally right about all of this stuff. I love reading fan- fiction, but I don't usually write it cause I'm afraid I'll mess it up and insult the fandom. I'll probably eventually pull it together and try properly though. This helped a lot!