Dragonball - The other Saiyan Planet (Correcting Gramatics)

Dragonball - The other Saiyan Planet (Correcting Gramatics)

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The Story begins after Dragon Ball Super and GT. In this Story Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Goten, Bra and Pan will find out that there is the possibility that there is another Saiyan Planet in there Galaxy. They find and meet other Saiyans like Gokus missing sister and a lot other of things. But the main story is about a young Saiyan names Atega. At chapter 10 I will mostly write in pov of Atega till chapter 14.

As always after all years Beerus was sleeping again, Whis decided to visit Team Z and eat some delicious food. Whis arrived and as always Vegeta was training but after all what happened he trained with Trunks,Goten, Bra & and Pan. Vegeta decided to take them under his wings. But what they about to find out will change there life's.
 or not and what you thoughts are about my fanfic and what could I do better.

Everyday or second day I write a Chapter for you guys

Please leave a comment what can I do better and ratings. I'm honoured to read your comments and see your ratings.

Hope you enjoy. Story idea is mine.

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