Smash Your Dominion  {Star Trek Mirror Universe (MU) Fan Fiction}

Smash Your Dominion {Star Trek Mirror Universe (MU) Fan Fiction}

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jespah By jespah Completed

Gina Nolan's story, in the Star Trek Mirror Universe, an alternate to Hold Your Dominion. Rated for language and situations. A Deep Space Nine fanfiction.

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MirielOfGisborne MirielOfGisborne Feb 16, 2015
Thank you for the dedication! >3 I've re-read this and remembered how much I like Mirror Gina. I also love your choice of actress, by the way. I can totally picture her in this.
MirielOfGisborne MirielOfGisborne Apr 01, 2014
I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Mirror Gina is a saucy force of nature. I like that you have also adapted the writing style to be punchier for the MU version. This was such an entertaining read.
                              Oh, and a raunchy captain named Bashir? I find that instantly hot :)
bookworm_D bookworm_D Mar 22, 2014
damn...I wish I had an asss like that...Whoot...
                              "he was in to plants..." lmao!
ShelleyBurbank ShelleyBurbank Mar 17, 2014
Whoa! This is not the Star Trek I remember:) Good, strong writing.