DIFFERENT [hs] |Complete|

DIFFERENT [hs] |Complete|

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k. By Steve-Rogers Completed

|mature content|

In the shadows lurk beasts that mankind are completely oblivious to. They blend in with society so it's almost undetected. But when a curious mind sets off Cassandra, she's determined to find out what secret Harry is hiding. To find out what makes him so... different.

This story is fictional and purely based on my imagination. The characters in my story are in no way affiliated with their real identity besides their physical appearance. Any factors relating to my story that do occur in reality are purely coincidental, unless stated otherwise.


This was my "first" fic. You've been warned.

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___olivia____ ___olivia____ Feb 19, 2016
Tell me tell me tell me something I don't know something I don't know something I don't know
Me_larl_Luke Me_larl_Luke Feb 22, 2016
Nice face. Nice arse. I think they go pretty well together 😏😏😏
velvetbrits velvetbrits Dec 24, 2015
Harry: *prances around on stage wearing a horse hat and donates to various charities*
uglyreligion uglyreligion Aug 17, 2015
well when you turn the heat on, it's supposed to be cold and it'll adjust in less than 5 minutes. but it won't be cold if you keep it on at all times, instead of turning it off every time you're done driving