A love letter that causes so many things

A love letter that causes so many things

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Maymist By Maymist Updated Mar 17, 2014

Title: A love letter that causes so many things

Category: Games » Pokémon

Author: Maymist

Language: English, Rating: Rated: T

Genre: Mystery/Romance

Published: 09-17-08, Updated: 10-28-08

Chapters: 13, Words: 19,362

Chapter 1: The letter of Love

May's Pov

While I lay on my bed, I look up upon the window, to see clear sunny sky's. I felt so calm, and somewhat weird. I tumble and tossin my bed. It was 10:00a.m

I was still in bed...

I was staying at a Pokemon Center, in Azelia Town. Jhoto's such a warm place... I thought to myself, I smile, as I see sun rays, moving across my window. I was still in my orange pajamas. I yawned, stretch my arms. A few minutes later I got up and got dressed, I brushed my hair, tied my green bandanna on, I tighten it some more. It fell like it was gonna fall off.

I got my green bag and put it on. I wonder how,Drew, Harley, Soledad... And...Max, Mom..and Dad...are all doing...? I asked myself. I sighed. I was walking down the hallways, it was empty...