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Never Been Kissed

Never Been Kissed

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LostHeart0797 By LostHeart0797 Updated Apr 24, 2014

High school. That’s a word that a lot of people are afraid of. There ‘s the loners and Goths. The Emo and freaks. Then come the nerds and geeks. After them come the normal kids. Then Hipsters and wannabes. But on top of it all are the plastics and the jocks with full popularity. Mia falls somewhere between the normal kids and the populars. She’s not a hipster or a wannabe. She’s simply Mia. But she’s above average. She can get a guy to do a double take. She’s been asked for her number but nothing. At 17 Mia hasn’t had a boyfriend. She’s never been kissed. When she’s asked about her ex’s she simply says “I’ve never dated.” But when the New guy Xavier, moves in next door and into her class, his next move is into her heart. When he starts to show interest Mia starts to shy away. But Why? Is there something that she’s hiding? What’s keeping her from Xavier? Will her past come back to the present? What secrets will be unveiled and where does it leave the two? Well this is Mia’s story: Never Been Kissed.

Fake_you_out Fake_you_out Apr 15, 2016
Lemme just say freaks and emo should not be associated with each other, people forget that emo just means emotional and anyone can be described as emo whether they look the part or not just saying
iamstupidgenius iamstupidgenius Jul 31, 2015
Nice start . . . & darn ur pc! I can imagine ur reactions when that happened! lol!
nicole2017_ nicole2017_ Apr 01, 2013
I read it all, and am dying to read more romance with you & aiden(:
LostHeart0797 LostHeart0797 Jan 04, 2013
@NevadaFirst i probably should have mentioned he got lefr back.... I need to start proofreading more. But then again I startes writing this story in eighth grade.
Adaven36 Adaven36 Jan 04, 2013
just asking id Haley had an older brother than how are the intge same room when he should be older unless Haley has a twin too?
boog1234 boog1234 Dec 04, 2012
This was amazing I hope your working on the rest your a wonderful writer :)