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Hunter Adventure ❄A HunterXHunter FanFlic Killua Love Story❄

Hunter Adventure ❄A HunterXHunter FanFlic Killua Love Story❄

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Jennifer Snow D. By Jenn_is_Starry_Music Updated Nov 01, 2015

❄Character Profile❄

Species: Human Vessel

Gender: Female

Name: Mitsuki La

Name Meaning: Beautiful Moon

Age: 12

Height: 154 cm; 5'1"

Birthday: August 7th



•Hip Length

•Straight with a slight wave to it

Eyes: Pink

Exam Number: #406

Nen Type:







•Breath of a Blizzard

•Arctic Chains

•Winter's Arrow

•Frozen Excalibur

•She can tell wether your lying or not from just a glance into/at your eyes


•Bow and Arrows



(the Legendary Excalibur and the Muramasa)

•Metal Knuckle Fingerless Gloves

•Osmium Toed/Heeled Combat Boots

(Osmium is the heaviest know metal known to man. It is a hard, brittle and blue-black metal classified in the platinum family. Density of 22.59 grams per cubic centimetre.)


•Historic Myth Hunter

•Blacklist Hunter

(Similar to Archaeological Hunters; Historic Hunters search the world for unseen places, ancient ruins and such, Historic Myth Hunt...

I still cringe for Kidd and Black☆Star to this day. And whenever I rewatch/reread, I just skim that episode/chapter😷😫
PorkJimin- PorkJimin- Sep 02, 2016
Is she gonna be ok? How does she not constantly have migraines?
YSKdragon YSKdragon Jun 25, 2016
One or the other please. Muramasa is powerful enough on its own in the hands of a skilled swordsman but topping it off with Excalibur is too much.
ReiaLamps ReiaLamps Mar 07
😑over kill much? muramasa is already a legendary sword...but excalibur as well? isn't it a bit much?
SeungkwansAss SeungkwansAss Oct 31, 2016
I thought no one else thought of soul eater but I guess I'm wrong 😂😂
BlueDango BlueDango Jul 22, 2016
That's like, 5 times the density of titanium! Jebus that's dense!