Hunter Adventure ❄A HunterXHunter FanFlic Killua Love Story❄

Hunter Adventure ❄A HunterXHunter FanFlic Killua Love Story❄

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Jennifer Snow (Xue) D. By Jenn_is_Starry_Music Updated Nov 01, 2015

❄Character Profile❄

Species: Human Vessel

Gender: Female

Name: Mitsuki La

Name Meaning: Beautiful Moon

Age: 12

Height: 154 cm; 5'1"

Birthday: August 7th



•Hip Length

•Straight with a slight wave to it

Eyes: Pink

Exam Number: #406

Nen Type:







•Breath of a Blizzard

•Arctic Chains

•Winter's Arrow

•Frozen Excalibur

•She can tell wether your lying or not from just a glance into/at your eyes


•Bow and Arrows



(the Legendary Excalibur and the Muramasa)

•Metal Knuckle Fingerless Gloves

•Osmium Toed/Heeled Combat Boots

(Osmium is the heaviest know metal known to man. It is a hard, brittle and blue-black metal classified in the platinum family. Density of 22.59 grams per cubic centimetre.)


•Historic Myth Hunter

•Blacklist Hunter

(Similar to Archaeological Hunters; Historic Hunters search the world for unseen places, ancient ruins and such, Historic Myth Hunt...

BandsAreLife- BandsAreLife- Sep 02, 2016
Is she gonna be ok? How does she not constantly have migraines?
Legends_are_made Legends_are_made May 31, 2016
Man I would love to draw this and she is like me in a way with the headphones...
YSKdragon YSKdragon Jun 25, 2016
One or the other please. Muramasa is powerful enough on its own in the hands of a skilled swordsman but topping it off with Excalibur is too much.
0takutrash 0takutrash Oct 31, 2016
I thought no one else thought of soul eater but I guess I'm wrong 😂😂
BlueDango BlueDango Jul 22, 2016
That's like, 5 times the density of titanium! Jebus that's dense!
YSKdragon YSKdragon Jun 25, 2016
Way too OP for a character. She needs room to grow if you're going to make a story out of this. Character development is needed and it's hard to see how you're going to do that.