It started with a wolf.

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Sydney Roseanne Curtis By FlickAndSwish Updated 3 years ago
A story I started writing for school, which I am now continuing for my own personal use.
    Please comment any thoughts you have. I want to know how to make my story the best it can be. c':
oh wow!!!!! i hope you're gonna keep going!!!!!! please! it's so awesome :O  i wanna know what happens!!!!
@FlickAndSwish - of course! Not a problem at all (: If you want, you can just message me the chapter before you post it, I can do the editing and then message it back!
Beta'ing is when someone other than the author looks over the story for any grammatical or spelling errors, fixing them, and giving advice on how to make it flow better. (:
I love this! :D also, if you would like, @FlickAndSwish, I could help you out by beta'ing for you!
Okayy i kind of read it backwards so it confuzzled me :L haha but its sososo good EVEN backwards :D you write really well kind of simple but makes you ponder ^.^
200 in one day I don't even have 150 on one chapte, congratulations Sydney and welcome to wattpad! :D