Hold me tight   Phil x Neko!Dan fluff Phanfiction

Hold me tight Phil x Neko!Dan fluff Phanfiction

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aaaaa a aa a a a By frankierosgaydreams Updated Dec 29, 2015

Phil's P.O.V.

I was walking home like i normally do when i go to Le Usine. Note to self: Never eat their beef grilled fish, it tastes like 6 week old pasta with mold on it. Sadly, yes i have tried 6 week old pasta with mold on it as a dare. I was quietly humming to myself when i heard soft little sob come from a dark alley, merely two feet behind me. I stopped in my tracks and went to go investagte where and what the sob came from. Me, being the brave lion I am, shouted "Who's there?"

I soon heard a small startled gasp and the silence. I made a noise that so it sounded like I left then heard a releaved sigh come from behind a dumpster. So that's where the mystrey creature is! I was silent as i ninja sneaked over next to the dumpster. I looked around the edge and was suprized at what my eyes saw, they saw a neko almost my size with torn and tattered clothing, bruizes and small cuts, and red puffy cheeks probably from crying, a lot.

"Hey little buddy." I whisper talked to the poor and...

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Roses are red 
                              Cacti are prickly 
                              May I just say 
                              That escalated quickly
2009 Dan, rolling out from behind dumpster: SURPRISE B**CH, IT'S ME, [DAN]!
                              2017 Dan rolling out after him: DOUBLE SURPRISE B**CH, IT'S ME, DANIEL!
Why do we say "out of the blue"?
                              Why not "out of the yellow" or "out of the black" or "out of the <non specific colour>"?
Well, I guess Phil, unlike Burr, is not going to Wait For It (*cries* Love doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints, it takes and it takes and it takes and we keep loving anyway)
If I let the chocolate melt instead of chewing it am I still eating it?