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Hold me tight   Phil x Neko!Dan fluff Phanfiction

Hold me tight Phil x Neko!Dan fluff Phanfiction

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aaaaa a aa a a a By frankierosgaydreams Updated Dec 29, 2015

Phil's P.O.V.

I was walking home like i normally do when i go to Le Usine. Note to self: Never eat their beef grilled fish, it tastes like 6 week old pasta with mold on it. Sadly, yes i have tried 6 week old pasta with mold on it as a dare. I was quietly humming to myself when i heard soft little sob come from a dark alley, merely two feet behind me. I stopped in my tracks and went to go investagte where and what the sob came from. Me, being the brave lion I am, shouted "Who's there?"

I soon heard a small startled gasp and the silence. I made a noise that so it sounded like I left then heard a releaved sigh come from behind a dumpster. So that's where the mystrey creature is! I was silent as i ninja sneaked over next to the dumpster. I looked around the edge and was suprized at what my eyes saw, they saw a neko almost my size with torn and tattered clothing, bruizes and small cuts, and red puffy cheeks probably from crying, a lot.

"Hey little buddy." I whisper talked to the poor and...

SepticTrash24 SepticTrash24 Dec 15, 2016
I just met you and this is totally noorrmall (in their world),
                              But I'll call you master now kiss me right now!
GalaxyHeartThief GalaxyHeartThief Dec 28, 2016
Jesus, Phil. How long did it take for you to grab a blanket? And does Dan's face just not show emotion when he's slee--
                              I am so confused. 😛
SepticTrash24 SepticTrash24 Dec 15, 2016
My art teacher would be screaming rn! She is really into the colour wheel lol!
Roses are red and very prickly, might I say that escalated quickly
undersans12 undersans12 Jan 03
What I say to my cat every time let her back inside the house
Carcar81 Carcar81 Sep 28, 2016
So, nice fic... No offense but my 9 yr old cousin could write better. That was offense Carleigh, u whore writing no offense than givin offense.