Hidden Treasures Book Club [APPLICATIONS CLOSED!]

Hidden Treasures Book Club [APPLICATIONS CLOSED!]

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Hidden Treasures Book Club By HiddenTreasuresBC Updated 3 days ago

CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR NEW APPLICATIONS - Welcome to this lovely new book club! Here we come together to enjoy wonderful hidden treasures that we have written ourselves. 

This club is for people who are looking for friends to enjoy reading and writing with. For people who can give each other motivation to continue writing and who can provide each other with constructive feedback that will help us improve every single week.

We are an open minded bunch of mature people of all ages that will welcome anyone who is looking for a warm and cozy place to share their stories. Come join us! You can find all info inside the book.

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NovelistAnne NovelistAnne Feb 20, 2018
If anyone is now interested in joining, we start a new assignment tomorrow night! @SOSimons @Azmavath @AmongMillions @KECass @jyothi89 @Sim-AntinI
Sim-AntinI Sim-AntinI Feb 20, 2018
Thank god! I love how you encapsulated the spirit of a book club and a buddy system
swerchroses swerchroses Mar 12, 2018
if i done reading my partner chapter ,at least 5...am i supposed to comment "done" in the last chapter i read or...every chapter i ve read? @NovelistAnne
jessicasmithen14 jessicasmithen14 Oct 17, 2018
Like horror. Seeking the truth. Behind all doors. Coming for you. Shadows and demons. Screaming in your ears. Love exploring haunted houses. Come hence here. See the possessions and ominous deeds to creaking and thumping come read LEGIONS INSIDE.Because it is just for you
ZEWriting ZEWriting Aug 21, 2018
I honestly do not know how to react to that statement. Offended.