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When Love Bites: A Raura Story

When Love Bites: A Raura Story

305K Reads 8.6K Votes 40 Part Story
Raura/Auslly Fanfics By Fan_Of_All Completed

Ross Lynch and his girlfriend Laura Marano are the 'it' couple. With Ross being the quarterback of the football team and Laura cheering him on as head cheerleader they are the most popular kids in the twelfth grade. But when the two face a nasty breakup Ross finds himself loosing his game and everything he's got while Laura suffers from depression after her mothers death. Everything has changed. Laura became a slut with all the guys in school. Ross becomes a player banging every girl who comes his way. But what happens when Ross and Laura are forced to be partners for a project in school? Maybe they'll change each other back. Or maybe things will get a whole lot worse. But Ross and Laura's feelings for each other can't be gone forever, can they??? Lets see what happens when love bites. FT R5 and Rydellington.

himenoknm himenoknm Jul 31, 2015
10 times better than THIS?! Only ONE way to do that... MAKE IT INVOLVE YUGIOH! Jk
Tamarchy123Slovenia Tamarchy123Slovenia Jun 15, 2015
You aren't bad at summertie. Can you help me with my summary for my new book Junior - teenage pregnancy story? 
ItsKatie1D ItsKatie1D Apr 16, 2015
Sorry just started reading this, but you seem like a very good writer! This summary was really good
MegsxR5xObsession MegsxR5xObsession Jul 22, 2014
not too shabby!!! seems pretry freaking great! plus buddy, you do way better sumaries then me! :)
xBlackCatMidnightx xBlackCatMidnightx Jun 30, 2014
Honey, you are not bad at summaries, and if the book is ten times better this will be an amazing book!
ROStarbuckS ROStarbuckS Mar 29, 2014
It's really interesting. I have to admit.  good word on the title. I picked this book because of the title.