The Devils Den - (Man x Man)

The Devils Den - (Man x Man)

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CLBlood By CLBlood Updated Feb 10, 2018

Denver Hilt is a sweet high school boy whose father is in jail for a careless act of vengeance.

Leo Harvey is a cruel and dangerously sexy Gang Leader posing as an inmate at Wilkinson prison.

Puzzled by the deep affection the boy has for a man who was put behind bars for murder, Leo Harvey unexpectedly finds himself interested in him. Thus, resulting in the discovery of Denver's life being in danger because of his father's reckless actions.

A prison break is then organised because Leo Harvey isn't going to let the boy he wants, come to an untimely demise.

However, when Leo forces the innocent boy into his world of drugs, gangs, sexiness and blood, he learns the boy may not be as innocent as he previously believed.

This is a story about how it really is "illegal," to be drop damn dangerously gorgeous.