New to Hell { A Mindless Behavior Love story }

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Tiera Shavone By areiT__ Updated 2 years ago
Jessica Angel Johnson,16 and from the big aapple has just moved to new Jersey and is going to a summer camp for 6 weeks. And shes gonna be the new girl. Jessi isnt happy and doesnt plan on making bestfriends,she wants to get in and get out. But when she makes a friend and even finds a crush,will that make this summer easy? And shes hiding a secret from everyone. A secret that could change her life.
    {Also sorry for the crappy Cover,im lazy :p}
i think she should be like great n girls alwas jeoulous of me doe y n im jessica n u are
i havent even started the book but i already <3 it cus it has mb in it
Ba - Dum - Bah - Bum --- Im Lovin' It ! Tehee , can't wait for the next chapter ! This story so far is awesome. Post soon please :)