Belonging to Them

Belonging to Them

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"I'm pregnant."  I sprung up in bed, her voice was always so clear in my head. Always like velvet even in the time of distress. I looked over at the clock, 3:14 am. Every night or morning I wake up at this. Every night I dream about her. Then the wonder vivid dream of our children turns into a nightmare. The tiny baby girl in the dream's no longer in my arms and the small boy isn't sitting on his mother's lap. No, it's just a cement room with a single chain on the ground. Ariel's dirty and beat up, tears running down her cheeks. I've lost her, I couldn't find her.... 


After getting the call for the mystery man, Derek rushed out of the bar. Searching for months, he came up empty. As the days went on Derek changed. Turning Ice cold, and mad at the world. He dips his fingers into some risky shit and kills anyone in his path of Ariel. While Ariel tries her best to stay alive. What happens when the man that took her does the unexpected. A war inside her head, telling her to go with one, the other side saying the opposite. All she wants is her old life bad, old friends. When she finally gets what she wants, what does she do with something she's grown to love. How do you keep something that's killing someone you love inside? How do you get rid of it when you love it? 

This is the Sequel to Belonging to Him!

  • alcohol
  • baking
  • dark
  • darkness
  • derek
  • finding
  • kidnapped
  • murder
  • torture
  • weed
  • woods
thatcutegurl100 thatcutegurl100 Jul 29, 2016
Is this the second book to a series Bc there's a lot of stuff that sounds like this would be the second part to another book Idek understand what I just said either don't worry
Korronna Korronna Feb 12, 2017
I thought the officer took her it was just one of my theorys
Korronna Korronna Feb 12, 2017
brendarjohnson brendarjohnson Aug 28, 2016
Glad she is back. He didn't mention the baby or her belly. I thought he would of been rubbing her belly but he didn't
LunarEclipseee67 LunarEclipseee67 Dec 18, 2015
Read a few sentences above it this isn't Ariels first mate this is a different Dean
bcchristine bcchristine Dec 15, 2015
It's not in the 2nd chapter, it is this part for the next few sentences