Immortal Love (Hidan Love Story)

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... By ReallyTallTrees2 Updated 3 years ago
We all know about the Akatsuki, the main antagonist in Naruto Shippuden. And we all know that Shikamaru 'killed' Hidan, but what if Jashin decided to give him another chance, and what if Jashin was not a guy, but a beautifal women. Although the religion rules against romance, maybe this can be an acception. Can they do it, will the fall in love and become an industructable pair?
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IT SOUNDS AWESOME! Write it! Write it! ^_^ Update soon! Ja Ne~
Please update!!! It's REALLY interesting!!! Haaahaaa LOVE it!!! ^(>.<)^
You should definately write it :D It sound like it's gonna be awesome!! :P