Alpha Ekon

Alpha Ekon

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friesbeforeguys101 By friesbeforeguys101 Updated Mar 08, 2019

I knew when I was growing up it was odd having you as my mother. I knew that it was weird to have you as the only Alpha there. 

But when you left, I found out the secrets that you hid. It angered me that you raised me as your own even though I wasn't. 

And I had to find out by people who were afraid of me. Afraid that I'll turn into some monster. They feared me. 

But little did they know, I became it. 

When you came back and started to raise me again with your mate, the most feared Alpha, I acted liked I didn't know anything. Even though I was ten. 

When I turned eighteen, I couldn't stand you two. I couldn't. So the day after you and your mate gave me the title of both packs. I killed you both. 

Now the feeling of killing, feels good. I actually like the way my pack looks at me with horror and fear. And I don't want that to leave. 


Thank you from letting me become the Alpha I was meant to be. 

The most feared. 


Book three of the Alpha series.