Truth Or Dare? ||Marcus Gunnarsen||

Truth Or Dare? ||Marcus Gunnarsen||

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"Marcus truth or dare?"

"Dare." Marcus said.

Mark smirked. "Fuck Sophie."

Everyone was in shock, very big shock.

I was in shock too..I don't want to, he is my best friend for years.

I look at him scared...

He is my best friend right, he won't do that right???

"Okey." Marcus said.

That leave me in complete shock. My heart stopped working.

My best friend for years....what???


One simple game whouldn't hurt anyone...right?
That's just a game.


What would happend to Sophie (14) when Marcus (15) pick dare?

Friend, enemy, crush, boyfriend???


Life sometimes doesn't went like we planed to, sometimes, life without risk is life without meaning....


*Read to find out*


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