Immortal Hearts

Immortal Hearts

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A.L. Rogue By XXrogueXlucyXX Completed

Isabella Corbin-Knight. That's what they called her now. The first immortal to be born in centuries. And now the supernatural are discovering it.

A year has passed since The First's defeat. A year that Isabella had no enemies and she was glad for it. But word gets out about her now immortal status. Her little vacation in Bali is canceled as she heads back to Greenburg to deal with it during their Valentine's break.

Dalton knew his girlfriend and mate would no doubt be discovered and she has now. And now has enemies when they discover she's the first immortal to be born in centuries and they want her gone. Freedom without the immortals was a luxury now taken away and Dalton knows he'll have to fight.

But now they have to find Michael Corbin, but's prepared to send them on a chase to prove Isabella's worth. Old allies will come back as will new ones. And immortal hearts will entwine in ways never seen before.

Must read Satan's Vessel first to understand Anything.
Book 1 of The Immortals.
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Cover by: Stiles24StilinskiXD

"The Satan's Assassin's series holds many wonders for its readers, you experience laughter, love, hate, and shock. Reading the series is like being in a roller coaster you have your highs your lows and a sharp turns that bring you by surprise. It is a series that not only makes me want to read it over and over but to be part of it and live in the story. If I was to rate this series it would be second to none." ~ cavscout19

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