Born to Wed

Born to Wed

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Senna Jane By GayShipQueen Completed

Colette Eleanor Morgans, daughter of Florentine and Guinevere Morgans. Florentine is the CEO of Morgans Inc. One of the best businesses in all of Europe and the U.S. 

Kent Emery Mallard, son of Richard and Katherina Mallard. Richard is the CEO of Mallard Enterprises. Another best of both Europe and the U.S.

Enemies on a large scale, more like it.

Eighteen years ago, Morgans made a deal with Mallard that they would give away their daughter to them, as a bride for their son. The deal also included combining both companies into one great company and handing it over to Colette and Kent.

Colette knows this is the only reason she was born, to run a company and marry a man that tortured her her entire high school career, sending her home in tears more than once. But as always, she grins and bears it because she is a good daughter who obeys her parents.

Kent is nineteen, only a year older than Colette. High school was a miserable time for him, it's when he found out he would be married to Colette Morgans after she graduates. So he made it his personal mission to make her life hell. But lately after not seeing her for a year, he sees her in magazines with her parents, smiling away, happy. Well, she's a good actor, he'll give her that. Kent knows the pain she is going through. Being everything her parents want her to be, not being able to live her own life. So, he plans to help her with the use of the marriage and break free from their parents.

Even though, Colette isn't completely on board with this idea, she is finding herself on board with anything else he has planned. Because slowly she's starting to feel something for Kent and before he knows it, Kent's starting to feel something for Colette too. Something they both thought they left in their high school years.


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ampersand_aceofspade ampersand_aceofspade Dec 05, 2017
This is gorgeous. I love your choice of words and everything flows so well. It's only the first chapter and I've lost myself in your words. Really very well done.
KNJBTS KNJBTS Sep 24, 2016
I always make the same mistakes even if I 'promised' myself I wouldn't
KNJBTS KNJBTS May 07, 2015
sometimes i feel like this but i guess its cos of the mistakes i make
KNJBTS KNJBTS May 07, 2015
ive tried to write a day before... didnt really work cos i was too afraid to write my true feelings in case my mom or dad saw
KNJBTS KNJBTS May 07, 2015
i think i think alot about my future and things like weddings