The Soldier ruined my Innocence

The Soldier ruined my Innocence

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Bosy elselhdar By Bosy_elselhdar Updated 17 hours ago

Mr. Isaac Quinto had not been the same after serving as a soldier in the second world war. He came back as a real monster... And he turned his castle to be like a big prison.

Only his love for his new maid Serena was his cure to heal his wounds. The problem was her young age as sixteen years old girl.

She was raped on her birthday... And he kept coming back to rape her on her birthday every year.


"Who are you? Please don't' do that to me." she pleaded with eyes filled with tears and blocked breaths.
She couldn't see his face, because it was dark and he blindfolded her in her sleeping. His massive body trapped her on the bed.
he breathed and whispered in her ear "it will be okay, It's my gift for your birthday baby,"
she squirmed underneath his body and his firm grip trying to push him away "I don't want your gift!"
he laughed hysterically and then unzipped his pant and spread her legs by force "my dick is the gift for your baby,"

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