Bianca Portilla is a good little mommy's girl from Crowning High while Jacob Perez is a sneaky bad boy all the way from Brantley High. Let's see what happens when a Good girl gets involved with a Bad boy.
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who says some shit like thaat, i like the story already [lol]
                                    Lol who says that then walks away and then he is going to say check for aids im too done!!!! but good story i like it so far
I laughed so hard lmfao! Like forrelas Jacob I would have kick him in the nuts for say that to my mom lol.
If I was Bianca, Jacob would not live to see the next day. But, with my mom, neither will I. LOL
LOL. No he didn't just tell her Mom that. OhMyGosh, that is too funny.
re-reading for the 3rd time just going back and commenting and voting. Loved the first chapter got me hooked! I just love Jacob's charater with a passion.