She's My Queen: Time Travel Romance

She's My Queen: Time Travel Romance

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DustyPinkSkies By DustyPinkSkies Updated Mar 07

Two centuries. Two broken people. One wish. 

A teen celebrity caught in a scandal, sick of the spotlight, battling severe anxiety. 

A young, lonely king. Surrounded by enemies, unable to trust anyone. 

After a car crash, Natalie Reeds is thrown back in time to the 17th century where she wakes up as a princess and discovers that she is betrothed to a dashing but cold king. She tells herself that she has to return home, but the more she gets to know her husband to be, the more hesitant she becomes. There's a glimpse of something wonderful beneath her husband's frozen, hard shell and she's determined to crack it open. 

On the outside, Edward XI of England appears to be a cruel and power hungry king. But inside, he's broken and vulnerable. At the young age of 20, he has already been through excruciating pain and sadness. Every day is empty, dark, meaningless...

until he meets a peculiar girl. 

She's nothing like the girls he has met before. She's all the things a 'proper lady' should not be, but he finds her incredibly alluring and irresistible.

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