My Sweet Devil. (Boy x Boy)

My Sweet Devil. (Boy x Boy)

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Shipping is my life By Shippityshipship96 Updated Apr 21, 2015

YAOI!! Smexy smexy Rin is topped by multiple partners (mostly Bon though... DIE HARD BONxRIN fan... I SHIP THEM... SOOO MUCH...). Don't like don't read. MA15+... Actually make that MA18+ my mind knows no boundaries. So if u don't like don't read. Simples.


(≧∇≦)∑(゚Д゚) heart explodes... 

♪(´ε` )

OhDearSatan OhDearSatan Apr 14, 2016
"Bon was not a beast tamer but he knew how to tame this beast." I'm dying that was great
BlueVampireAngel BlueVampireAngel Nov 19, 2016
Loooooove uke Rin! He is just too adorable and cute~~~!!!!! OuO
OMG that is me. Like I will be shocked if there is a yaoi I have not read yet.
-nosebleeds- -nosebleeds- Jun 09, 2015
yass, Rin is the best uke. he's just so cute and perfect and ughh!
princess128 princess128 Apr 19, 2015
I wish my teacher would just ignore me when I fall asleep in class, she be like 'this is not nap time'
AquaChan15 AquaChan15 Mar 08, 2015
I Thought the name was Vaan. Or is that only in the English dub? anyway awesome story