Wanted By His Diana

Wanted By His Diana

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rose By sweetchoclate9 Updated Nov 04, 2018

It was almost over between them. Nothing was remaining. Everything was broken into pieces. At least that is what he thought.

Martin left Diana.

Diana lost her memory and forgetting him.

When nothing can fix this, a ray of hope will always be there just like Martin's love for Diana. He might have left her, but did not stop loving her. He is following her like a shadow to not let any harm come to her. He is keeping her safe from distance even though he thinks he is the bad luck.

When Diana's boss harasses her, he jumps into action. He has to take measures. Nothing and no one touches his Diana. He becomes her new boss. It is going to be tough being in the same building as her and keeping her away from himself, but he has to, he will. On the other side, Diana's attraction for Martin keeps growing each day. What she doesn't understand is why he hates her so much. If only she knows.

Unknown to both of them, they push and pull each other, trapped in the web of love.

Love is never easy. It tears one apart and fixes them altogether.

Will Martin finally let go of his fear?

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