Thick || jjk

Thick || jjk

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M ✓ By taehyungnation Updated Sep 08

"I want to be able to grip on to thighs that have more meat." 

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LilacAtkinson LilacAtkinson a day ago
When they Call her “thick” is it like, slim thick as in thick’ish thighs and breast and that Or? 
                              Im Sorry if Anyone Thinks its stereotypical for me to say that I’d say she’s slim thick, and on the slim side?
I know all to well. Being half Korean and Half black in Korea. My slim thick because I’m half black, I got the thighs, the breasts, and the curves and the girls hate on me. The boys like me but I want friends not multiple boyfriends.
hemmo_ddreamer hemmo_ddreamer 2 days ago
Thank god you ain’t trying to play up his lips like jimins and Jins Like very other fanfic I read
Destiny31013 Destiny31013 a day ago
My thighs r on the larger side and I have no chest. Youre fine hon
xianful xianful Sep 11
I don't hate my body it's jus my small tummy that I dislike,but I love my thighs Oh bOy