Swimming, A Sport In Heaven (Free! Fanfic) ♔ Free Watty Awards Winner ♔

Swimming, A Sport In Heaven (Free! Fanfic) ♔ Free Watty Awards Winner ♔

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ItadakimasuPocky By ItadakimasuPocky Completed

♔ First Place winner in the category of Makoto Tachibana on Free Watty Awards 2015 ♔
♔ Second Place winner in the category of Favourite Author on Free Watty Awards 2015 ♔

Haruka, Rin, Makoto and Nagisa. 4 boys with 4 different personalities which often led to arguments. How did they become best friends? Sora Kiyomizu was the girl who bonded the 4 boys together. All 5 of them first met each other at Primary. 

Haruka was an unsociable person who believed he didn't need friends. 

Rin was too obsessed with his father's dream, pressuring himself every day. 

Makoto was too gentle and kind often keeping everything inside making himself feel vulnerable. 

Nagisa was cheerful and bubbly but was faced with bullying. 

When they felt empty,she filled them up. When they were sick, she healed them. When their heart was broken into many pieces, she would sow every piece together. When they were held captive, she would help them be free...

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Bro ur troublesome 😑 u know how hard it is to get u out of water!? No okay then try getting a anvil out of water without saying makerel (I don't blame him though makerel is delicious... I don't know how to spell it please correct me if I'm wrong)
I don't get why it's a girly name though? I asked my dad what my name meant he said song :P
SpanishFox SpanishFox May 16
Damn! That kid has issues. C'mon Haru-kun! Be nice, please!!!
Does anyone relise that in her name is mizu? Mizu means water. Her name is basically water sky
lydiafer11 lydiafer11 Apr 11
Author, you're amazing! I was just searching for some good Free! fanfictions and your book came up. This is about the 5th book I've read of yours without knowing!
lydiafer11 lydiafer11 Apr 11
Woah to imagine Haru gasping....for some reason I can't T_T is my imagination not good enough???