Want U Back (Cher Lloyd x Harry Styles Fanfiction. ON HOLD)

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Dana Marie Horan ;) By DanaMarieM Updated a year ago
Cher Lloyd and Harry Styles used to be the cutest celebrity couple until one night's drunken mistake. Harry drank too much at a celebration party of the starting tour. He cheated on Cher with a girl while Cher watched it. It was all an accident of how Cher fell asleep and missed Harry's texts. But, that was her last chance, so now hes with the pizza girl. And Cher is going to do anything in her power to get him back.
BOOM! Friendzoned after sleeping in the tub. No wonder elders always wake up early. Love it, and you should totally update faster.
OMG! I love your stoy, Harry's such a basted! You should so make Cher pregnant and Harry is totally stuck on wat he should do.