Me&Mr Arrogant

Me&Mr Arrogant

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Aria is a 19 year old girl and unfortunately her house gets destroyed from a earthquake so her and her family have to move to her dads best friends house in Mississippi.Wheres she's also greeted by their arrogant son called Nick.

Nothings what it seems in this book,so come on and join Aria on her adventures and journey.

*WARNING:This is my first and most oldest  book so I'm hugely sorry for all the grammar mistakes but it does get better as the story goes on!*

"Soooooo you think I'm cute!"Nick sung happily grabbing my waist with one hand and pushing me on to him.I rolled my eyes.  "Nick"I said pulling off a straight face. 


  "Let go of me.."  

"Maybe I don't want to.."  


"I can't believe your 19"  

"I can't believe you 24"  

"Oh so we're playing this game"  

"Not playing no game...wait ew ew ew"I screeched at the end.  

"What!?"He said whilst holding me down from getting up.  

"The slut maids been on your lap!"  He chuckled.  

"Seriously Aria?"  

"Hell yes!"  

"I'm not letting go"  


He rubbed the back on his neck then shrugged.  "Don't shrug your shoulders at me mister"  

"Keep my jumper it looks good on you by the way...anywho...Mister arrogant then huh?"  What did he just say I look good in his jumper?Wait what did he say after that?Oh yeah!shit,shit,shit!  

"Errm yeah..."I put my head down and suddenly found a interest in my hands.  

"Coming from your mouth it's perfect"(Books now completed<3)

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- - Dec 16, 2016
When you bout to curse but then realize you're with your parents.
larkezia larkezia Sep 05, 2016
Sorry huge animal lover just had to point out how adorable they r
piuli_dr piuli_dr Aug 08, 2016
Hey house detroyed in and gaughter shifting to friends house..arrogant guy..isn't it the story of the korean drama playful kiss??
katelynnmariedaniels katelynnmariedaniels Jul 10, 2016
I've read your other books so I'm not going to be surprised at how great this one will be👌👌👌💙
larkezia larkezia Sep 05, 2016
I don't really care about the description the story is the only thing that matters so as long as it gives u a hint about what will happen it's cool
Hellokittyluver1235 Hellokittyluver1235 Apr 13, 2016
Shut don't up ,
                              Christ do
                              So be quiet ,
                              Or I shut you up too.