Dresden Files 1: The Envoy

Dresden Files 1: The Envoy

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Kate Coe By KateCoe Completed

Dini Richardson was a small-town journalist in Swindon, covering petty crimes and road rage - until she got herself mixed up in the supernatural world and fought a bunch of Red Court vampires. Now, she's investigating more cases...and the supernatural world is taking an interest in her. 

But when Dini visits the Summer Court to negotiate a minor treaty, she gets more than she bargained for.

Set in an alt universe of the Dresden Files, a timeline and an ocean away from Chicago.

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Thalamas Thalamas Feb 03
Awesome! Very well written, though I would change the description a bit. You give so much info away! XD finding out someone is actually a werewolf teammate is part of the fun :D
                              So you just had this story laying around? Cause you posted this quick XD
Thalamas Thalamas Feb 05
You fiend! Now I must continue reading in order to learn more about Warren! O.O how dare you lol
                              Nice job with the chapter!!
PandaFried PandaFried Feb 04
I haven't read any of the Dresden books or played the game, but this has totally inspired me to do both!
                              I want more about the little pixies strip-mining the ice cream!
16prof 16prof Aug 24
I've never played the Dresden Files RPG, but I've read the book series six to eight times (each). 😁 
                              I'm a huuuuge Dresden fan.😄
16prof 16prof Aug 24
That's not exactly reassuring... I've read too many books with faeries to accept food or drink from them under ANY circumstances.
                              Color me paranoid, but it's true.🤷