Medical Forth & Engineering Beam

Medical Forth & Engineering Beam

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Then Beam turned his attention at Forth. "Unbelievable." He leaned forward, annoyed.

"Owh, Beam.... you're so cute right now." Forth said as leaned forward too so their face just inches apart.

"Dont. Beam. Me." Beam said.

"Babe, then...." Forth smirked.

"Smooth, Forth, smooth....!" 
Others clapped their hands.


Someone said on one of the comment on my ADDICTED ff that they loved to see Medical Forth and Engineering Beam.

Usually I didnt took any suggestion, because my weak brain doesnt work that way.

But when I took shower this morning. This story hits me.


So this is it. 

I didnt own any of the character or picture.
I owned the storyline.

Love ForthBeam forever

This should be a short story. But we'll see.

English is not my first language.
Please have mercy on my grammar.


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its-YEL its-YEL Feb 06
why i read this story this late? *sigh
                              ok, gonna read the rest~
OhJiyu OhJiyu Feb 03
Yeyy new story!🙌🙌 This story had a unique plot i think. Medical forth and engineering beam. I got so excited!😂 can't wait for the next chapter. Your ff as always really good hehe su su na🙌
I love them so much.i hope there is more forthbeam fanfic of yours  😊😊
I can't believe you are writing and moving at the same time. I totally admire you.
angel_kyung angel_kyung Feb 10
Its looks interesting.. yehet!!!!
                              Will continue it..
Luara- Luara- Apr 24
It's going to take a moment to adjust to this change, but I'm really curious how it will look like!