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Unpredictable  // Ashton Irwin

Unpredictable // Ashton Irwin

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Courtney By Love_is_war45 Completed

Courtney is a woman that's undeniably different. With her shy demur and fiery attitude, she's not like most girls. Her dark brown hair and blue eyes make her a favorite among guys; that is when her two older brother's don't scare them off before they even have a chance. 

She's only met one guy that actually got through her two older brother and dad. He's one of the sweetest guys she had ever met. Blake's been with her for almost two years and things have never been better.

Being from a town with not much going her choices of job's are pretty limited; she's a librarian but once her job is done she turns into another person. The shy little girl is gone and in her place comes a confident and unpredictable woman.

When she meets two members of the band 5 Seconds of Summer while working, she never expected to be put into a situation like this. This small town girl is thrust into a world she never dreamed about.  

Cities and places she never even though about wanting to visit. 

But when people are together for a while feelings occur, surprisings happen, and things change, how do these five make do with the cards being dealt to them?


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