A Daughter of Thanatos( Nico di Angelo )

A Daughter of Thanatos( Nico di Angelo )

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.Meep. By ChannieCheeks Updated Jul 05, 2015

"Are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost!" Irissa asked.
"Of course! Her dad is Thanatos. Reaper of souls and guard of the doors of death! What did you expect? She'd see unicorns?" 

Clara Jade Walker was pretty sure she was a normal girl living a normal life before she thought she met this really 'rude', 'arrogant bastard', named Nico di Angelo. 
 One boring school day ago, she was walking to the vice principle's office with her best friend, Andrea(Andy) Philips, they found out that the vice principle was a fury. A "mythical" Greek creature. Wonderful, right?! 

Their friend, Grover Underwood- who is suppose to be CRIPPLED-, and Nico(the 'jerk') protected them from it. They find out that Grover is a saytr and that they were demigods. (The 'rude bastard' that she hates also is one.)  Clare can now kiss goodbye all her beliefs!  

When she learns that she has to share a cabin with Nico when sh arrives to camp, she absolutely goes bonkers! When they learn more about each other and spend more time with one another, they realize that they have strong feelings for each other. Will fate be generous, or tear them apart??

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He's with solace.
                              Oh yeah , i forgot to say...
                              SPOILER ALERT.
Im_your_stranger Im_your_stranger Dec 05, 2016
My cousin teases me about liking him because He (Nico) likes Percy
Ha I hate people I'm a perky emo though butt I do hate new people
Itsyadarkness Itsyadarkness Dec 29, 2016
I know Nico is gay and all but honesty with he tried I bet you he could get a girlfriend
I used to be a big fan now I'm eh there still good but my music choices have have changed
not-rose not-rose Jan 11
me af, honestly I hate people. Sometimes I even hate my friends, wow I seem like a bi tch, I promise
                              I'm nice, when people are nice to me