War Will Reign

War Will Reign

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Kemmet By Kemmet Updated Apr 29

"We do not deal with the Traitors. We are the peaceful ones, but we must do all in our power to keep the peace."

Eponi lives in a place where peace is valued above all other things, where the magic is used for the mundane.
So, when she is thrown into the castle of a man who is aptly named the War King, she feels completely out of place.
She takes on her given role without argument; this is what must be done to keep calm among the kingdoms.
Soon enough, though, Eponi realizes that there is more to the story than black and white, more than war and peace.
Now she will have to go to war for her beloved peace, taking on ideals and beliefs set in stone since the beginning of time.      

Above all else, keep the peace.

But in the end, war will reign.

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OfLoveAndPoets OfLoveAndPoets Apr 27, 2016
Undoing magical binds: side effects including finding the soul mate, becoming heir to a throne, and...... death of said soul mate. 
                              Did I get them all?
Aidenivey1928 Aidenivey1928 Jul 25, 2015
This is a freaking fantastic opener! Love where this is going already
rmcneary rmcneary Apr 07, 2015
Mother's always right.  :)
                              That was an intense opener.  I'm left with a ton of questions, like who is Mahri and who is this guy that has to k*ll her.
                              Guess I'll have to read on to find out.
Kulsum1105 Kulsum1105 Mar 24, 2015
This was really good. A perfect first chapter with perfect balance of revelation and mystery.
linahanson linahanson Jan 06, 2015
Very strong start. Action, mystery it all sucks you right in. I added you to my fantasy list _ I still have a staggering reading pile, but maybe this already brings it up a bit!
Leigh-Nicole Leigh-Nicole Jan 04, 2015
This is an intriguing start. His words from the start to the end, makes me wonder why he didn't take his mother's advice and instead chose the path he did. Great work!