Nothing [Harry Styles AU]

Nothing [Harry Styles AU]

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graveyardstyles By graveyardstyles Updated Aug 17, 2016

"Look, Eve, what we have, it's nothing, it's nothing but a physical relationship," he explained bluntly, "And that's all it ever will be, you need to remember that, okay?"       

WARNING: This story contains sexually explicit scenes, alcohol/drugs and an 8 year age difference (17 and 25)      

Cover made by @Write_for1direction

If you feel uncomfortable reading any of these elements, I advise you not to read this fic          

All Rights Reserved to graveyardstyles, 2014.

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Beyoncé and Jay Z are like 13 years apart ya'll can shut up
Lmaooo guys age is just a do as his duck size hehe
the people who are sexualizing this are the disgusting ones. nothing wrong with a dad kissing his 4 year old daughter on the lips.
Even though he's married, im gonna read this book just because it has like 12 m views
Ya'll are gross and dumb. There's nothing wrong with a parent kissing their child on the lips wtf. Unless they're a teen then that's a limit but don't be stupid there is nothing wrong with this.
snehaxx94 snehaxx94 Oct 27
Lewis would be 26 this December and in jan zen will be 25 
                              Now I'm feeling old