Nothing [Harry Styles AU]

Nothing [Harry Styles AU]

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graveyardstyles By graveyardstyles Updated Aug 17, 2016

"Look, Eve, what we have, it's nothing, it's nothing but a physical relationship," he explained bluntly, "And that's all it ever will be, you need to remember that, okay?"       

WARNING: This story contains sexually explicit scenes, alcohol/drugs and an 8 year age difference (17 and 25)      

Cover made by @Write_for1direction

If you feel uncomfortable reading any of these elements, I advise you not to read this fic          

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rglitterk rglitterk Mar 14
I don't mind if they have years apart but isn't it kinda weird to think a 16y/o girl  hanging with 24y/o man?
How come in every Harry fanfic his kids always have brown curly hair and green eyes like BITCH WHEN HE WAS A KID HE HAD BLONDE STRAIGHT HAIR AND BLUE EYES SO HIS KID SHOULD BE THE SAME WAY
namelessves namelessves Feb 20
He's 8 months older than me like wel damn.. we born on the same shït hahahaha