Choosing Zaynab ✔️

Choosing Zaynab ✔️

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*This is a spinoff to Someone Like Fatima*

A 21-year-old lover of photography, sister, daughter, aunt and a Muslimah who just happens to be physically disabled. The day she was involved in an accident her life was altered forever. Suddenly her friends began to disappear from her life one by one until none were left. Every time a marriage proposal came into the picture then men ran for the hills when they saw her wheelchair. Until Yaqub came along who laughed at her weird wheelchair jokes and indulged her obsession with photography. 

 26-year olds and president of PR at his family's marketing firm, brother, uncle, son and a Muslim who is madly in love with his sister's in-law's sister, but she doesn't seem to return his feelings.

After a few games of push and pull Zaynab and Yaqub finally realize they're meant to be together and not even their hesitancy and fear can get in the way. Follow these two lovebirds as they navigate the married life, cry together and laugh together. All while walking the path Allah has set for them and remembering Him in everything they do.