The Originals : Poisonous Fruit | Hope Mikaelson

The Originals : Poisonous Fruit | Hope Mikaelson

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♌Pretium Sanguinis By NadiaMikaelson Updated 2 days ago

{previously known as The Original Child}
    Carolina Hope Mikaelson,nicknamed Carrie or Hope,is the name of the only daughter of Niklaus Mikaelson,the Original Hybrid and the wolf Queen,Hayley Marshall. She grew up being kept safe by her father along with her protective uncle,Elijah and crazy Aunty Bex after Hayley's death. The family cherished their new hope.

 The Mikaelson family had no shortage of enemies. Not wanting her to be inherit them all,they agree to let her lead a normal life under the name of Carrie White instead of her Mikaelson name. 

The family slipped off the murderous radar for fruitful sixteen years,everything is fine.

Then everything changed when both wolves' and witches' factions began working against the family and the vampire community.As the child grew into a beautiful girl,hidden like a precious gem,she soon learnt the ugly reality of the blood she possessed and the burdens that comes along with it.

Enemies from the past returns. All factions turns against each other. Line between ally and enemy blurred as one. Torn between her immortal family and her duty as wolf royals,Hope soon learnt the hard way of getting blood on her hands and that always isn't forever afterall.

With faction wars breaking in New Orleans once again,will Hope live up to the virtue of her name or the despicable prophesy of her? With greater evil shadowing her,waiting to slip in,one can not be sure. Not even herself.

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i really like how you put that vid clip together that on top there, nicely done
its made by scodders on youtube. she gave me permission to write the fanfic based loosely on it. this book however do have scenes from tge trailer but also a lot of storyline hidden in there (for my own originality) ♡
you have mad skill in editing. the header looks so legit. both trailers is so crazy lit. amazing :}
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oh my god this has to turn into a movie I'm already a fan this is so going to my reading list
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can't watch the vid. what's the title of the vid in youtube!?