No use crying over spilt secrets (COMPLETED & EDITED)

No use crying over spilt secrets (COMPLETED & EDITED)

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Ruby Simmons By RubyMadigan Completed

Belle is in most ways a normal teenager apart from the fact she was kidnapped. Now she's escaped and the company who kidnapped her are coming after her. Will she ever be able to go back to her normal life? And if she does will her dad ever accept her?

West is also on the run but he got out before the company could get him. When he meets Belle he realises the whole thing is much bigger than he first thought. With her help will they be able to take the company down?

And what about the mysterious Taryn? She worked for the company but after she aided Belle's escape they are coming after her too. She is carrying some secrets around with her that could change everything. What her role be in destroying the company? And will her secrets ever be told?

  • family
  • kidnap
  • kiss
  • romance
  • secrets
  • teen
Riotsarealwaysbetter Riotsarealwaysbetter Jun 26, 2010
good story. riela_pollie told me about this story and it's very good! good job!