His to love✔(part 1+2)

His to love✔(part 1+2)

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She was the light of her family. The jewel in her parents eye. But everything changed when her parents were brutally murdered.

Broken and lost,her aunt took her in. It wasn't long when the people who killed her parents decided to come after her. 

After years of hiding, Amara finally  had it. Moving was her only option. 

Moving made her life easy. A new job made her relief. College was perfect in her eyes. But when a particular someone caught her eyes,it was no turning back. 

Everything about Luca screamed trouble. The amount of times he was sent to jail made his bailing money  seem nothing. 

Everything was in replay in his life but everything changed when he met Amara. 

Pause-the moment he saw her. 

Play-the moment he decided to go after  her.

Guns and love. 

Bruises and kisses.

Will Amara finally escape from her past and fall for Luca? 

Will Luca find love in the midst of his lifestyle?

After all,he wouldn't give up so easily. Amara was his to love. She was only his to love


 A lot of grammatical problems and spelling errors  but please bare with me.

HARD TO LOVE [BOOK 2] on going 

Sofia Moretti was termed as weird from her childhood. When most girls  preferred dolls and dresses, she preferred cars and preferred wearing her brother and father's clothes. 

She didn't really fit in untill she stumbled into love.  A word she desired from afar. An emotion she admired from afar. 

Slow: when Sofia met him.

Fast forward : when Sofia fell into the warm cluthes  of love.


This is the sequel of "His to love"

This story will be all about Amara and Luca's daughter, Sofia Moretti. 

Warning :

Lots of grammatical and spelling errors.