The Alpha's Pixie

The Alpha's Pixie

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KittsKay By KittsKay Updated May 25

When Poppy Ross has to move to Montana to live with her Aunt for the summer and senior year, she doesnt expect for anything major to happen to her. She doesnt anticipate meeting the dark and intimidating Isaac Moretti while planning a prank on her Aunt's boyfriend. What will happen now... expecially when there is Pixie dust in the air.

Poppy -
She is almost 18 years old. She is very shy, quiet and on the short and curvy side of petite. She has an inner 5 year old self that loves any candy she can get her hands on, drawing or painting and making mischief. She is also slightly obsessed with bunnies.

Isaac - He is the 22 year old Alpha of the Moretti Pack located in Wolven, Montana. He is taller and more built than most Alpha's are due to the Royal Lycan Blood running through his veins. He is desparate to find his mate before his wolf starts to go crazy.

A/N Hi my lovely bunnies and readers, this is my first work and I would appreciate any comments on how I am doing. DISCLAIMER: All pictures featured are not mine, they are only to provide visual inspiration.  Intentionally cruel or unkind comments outside the realm of constructive criticism  will be ignored. ?